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Posted by Gary Bild on 05 December 2017 05:14 PM

IMPORTANT Sandicor Maintenance July 21-23


Sandicor will be undergoing maintenance and site access will be limited Saturday, July 21 at 4 p.m. through Monday, July 23 at 8 a.m.


As you may know, the operators of Sandicor (Greater San Diego Association of REALTORS®, North San Diego County Association of REALTORS® and Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS®) are moving their respective memberships to a shared MLS system this fall, shared by San Diego MLS and California Regional MLS. As part of our work to integrate into this platform, we will be conducting maintenance work July 21 – 23 to move the Sandicor data to a new hosting facility.


What this means to you:


• Saturday, July 21 at 4 p.m.: Read-only mode will begin and last until Sunday, July 22 at midnight. Read-only mode means no listings can be added, updated or modified. In addition, during this period any changes or additions to your contacts, saved searches, CMAs or agent preferences will be not saved.


• Sunday, July 22 at midnight – Monday, July 23 at 8 a.m.: Maintenance mode will begin. During this time frame there may be intermittent access and interruptions. No listings should be added, updated or modified. In addition, you will not be able to save changes or additions to your contacts, saved searches, CMAs or agent preferences.


Other than the limitations listed above, the Sandicor system will be available to search, email, create CMAs, access the tax system, and access other platform resources.


Please be prepared! If you have a new listing to add, or price, status or photo changes, please make sure you have them completed no later than Saturday, July 21 at 4 p.m. Otherwise, you can make these updates Monday, July 23 beginning at 8 a.m.


Please contact for more information.





Routine Maintenance Notice: 

Reminder:  Routine maintenance occurs on Tuesday evenings, between 10 PM PDT until 6 AM PDT Wednesday.  

During this time frame, it is possible for Paragon and/or the Sandicor Corporate Homepage to be unavailable.

Paragon v5.65 Release June 19th.

Introducing “Paragon News”

A new Paragon News widget has been added to the top left communications section on the Home tab that will promote important news and announcements that BK MLS would like to disseminate to users.  In some instances, there may be a “Learn More” button that can be clicked that will display a website providing lots of details associated with the news event. 

NOTE:   Individual users can move the widget around on the screen but it cannot be removed or minimized.    

Long Description of Lookup Values in User Preference

Users now have the ability to display the long description of lookup values in the search criteria.  This functionality is intended to help new agents when inputting search criteria.  The user will not be forced to memorize lookup codes that may be confusing.  The Search Options section of User Preferences will display an option that enables long descriptions in search criteria. This functionality will be disabled by default. 

Modify Email Signature Deletion Message

Several customers suggested changes to the email signature message displayed when the user deletes their single default signature.  The customers wanted to emphasize the additional work required to modify existing notifications if a replacement email signature does not exist.

Enlarge Manual Email Dialog to Accommodate Report Options

Customers identified a cosmetic issue with the selected reports section of the Email and Print+ modals.  It had an alignment issue that caused the section to always display a scrollbar.  Customers requested that we resize the data to fit neatly into the allotted space.

Center Map on Address Label Update

When accessing the map on map searches, the ‘Address Search’ box has been updated to say, “Center Map on this Address”.

Load Addresses and Default Locations

Customers requested a way to easily access last entered addresses that they centered the map on when accessing the map search. They also wanted the ability to have multiple default addresses that they could pick from.  We have introduced the ability to select from the last five addresses searched or from three key default addresses: agent physical address, agent mailing address, agent office address, and the board address.

Help Overlay – Recent Sales

Over the course of the year, the Collaboration Center went through several interface updates.  One of those updates included moving the “Recent Sales” feature to its own tab/section.  This new tab did not include any tool tip or help information to describe what the Recent Sales feature is.  We have now included a help overlay that will launch when first viewing this tab to help explain what this feature is.  Users can also click on the help icon in the upper right hand corner to display the help overlay at any time.

Improved Access to the CMA Preferences Wizard

It is important that a User setup their CMA Preferences for a smooth and ideal CMA creation experience. Therefore, we have made it easier to identify, access, and utilize the CMA Preference Wizard in Paragon.  A few new options have been added to the system making it more flexible as to where the Preference Wizard can be accessed.

Address 2 Added to Comparable Reports and CMA Maps

We have added Address 2 to the vertical and horizontal comparable reports to allow for correct addresses to be provided within the reports.  It is important to note, that the address 2 field will only appear if the Address 2 field is turned on and populated for the MLS. 

Updated Font Colors and Map Legend in CMA

The font colors have been enhanced within the CMA to a black font.  This resolved the issue of having too light of a font in some of the themes and removes the difficulty of reading lighter fonts.  Additionally a Map Legend has been added to the CMA Map Page.


Routine Maintenance Reminder:

Routine maintenance occurs on Tuesday evenings, between 10 PM PDT until 6 AM PDT Wednesday.  During this time frame, it is possible for Paragon and/or the Sandicor Corporate Homepage to be unavailable.



Paragon v5.64 Release May 2nd.

Collab Center:
*Preference Wizard Web Page Setup

Previously, some end users with iPads could not configure their Collaboration Center site as the Preferences Wizard is turned off when viewing Paragon on an iPad.  To mitigate this concern, the Collab Center Site Information content has been added to the Collab Center section of User Preferences.  This allows end users to configure their Collaboration Center Site regardless of the device being used. 

*Map Layers Added

The Collaboration Center and CollabLink applications have been enhanced to include Map Layers.  These are the same map layers found in Paragon which include Parcels, County, Flood, Traffic, Area, etc. 

*Access Listing Details Directly from the Listing Update Notification

A direct link has been added that will take the user to the Collaboration Center’s Listing Detail view from the listing summary of properties included in the client Listing Update email notifications.  Closing the Listing Detail view will return the user to the Collaboration Center home page.

Property History Reports Shows Reference Data

When users add the listing agent and office fields to the Property History they did not have an efficient way to review additional information about the agent or office without changing to another report view.

In order to promote consistency amongst report views and add quick access to pertinent information, the listing agent and office fields in the Property History report have been hyperlinked so that when a user clicks the hyperlinked listing agent or office names, the standard agent or office detail screen will display.  


Reorder Your Results on Google Map Report

Available by popular demand, the ability to reorder listings on the Google Map Report view is included in this release.  Users can now drag and drop the results in any order that they would like on the report.  This will cause the report to refresh so that the numbering associated with the listing in the results and on the map will match.  This enhancement alleviates the need to toggle between the Google Map report and the spreadsheet view to reorder the results because previously reordering could only be done in spreadsheet result views.


Email and Print Update for Estimated Pages

Per customer suggestion we’ve modified the Estimated Pages column heading to be more descriptive changing it from ‘Pages’ to ‘Est. Pages’.

Rounding Listing Prices Over $1,000,000

Although infrequent, when a listing price is over $1,000,000, the listing marker on Map Searches in Paragon would usually round the price too high or too low.  This has been corrected so that the rounding displays one decimal place.


Precursor Performance Changes for Automatically Displaying Results on Map Search

In preparation for automatically displaying results when accessing the map search (i.e., Map Boundary) in the next Paragon release, a few performance improvements have been made, thus making results return faster:


  • Results reflect lowest to highest system price, previously it displayed highest to lowest price.

  • Listing data doesn’t load until the user clicks on a cluster or listing price marker.

  • The number of columns returned in the results has been limited to a small few key fields.

Another major improvement is that listing map results will now return 2,500 listings instead of 500.  Because of the performance improvements listed above, the results return faster.


Listing Activity Data Retained for 120 Days
The Listing Activity displayed on the Listing Activity Report in Paragon Listing Maintenance and in the Sell Side of Collaboration Center has been refactored to retain this pertinent information for the previous 120 Days. This change promotes data accuracy and optimizes system performance.


Minimum Photo Size for Listings

To ensure better quality photos are added to listings, a minimum photo requirement has been implemented to prevent uploading photos that are too small alleviating accidental upload of thumbnail sized photos instead of the full photo of the listing.  If a photo is too small, the user will receive an error while attempting to upload it.  Minimum 640x480





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Paragon v5.63 Release March 14th

Hello Google Maps!

Google replaces Bing in Paragon and Collaboration Center! Although there are differences in mapping functionality, users should enjoy the benefits of more up-to-date maps throughout Paragon. In addition, street view is included as part of the normal Google mapping features.


For more information, access to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and more, BK MLS created a dedicated website to showcase the powerful Google Mapping updates in Paragon and Collaboration Center.

Send Listings as PDF Attachments

Users are able to choose a group of listings and report views to attach to an email as a PDF file. The maximum length of the PDF file allowed is 20 pages. Only the manual Paragon email process has been modified. Also note that the HTML attachment type was removed from Paragon emails.


Visible Notification to complete Errors/Warnings in Listing Add/Edit
When creating a listing and/or converting a partial listing to a standard listing, Paragon will display a pop-up message anytime an error/warning is found.  This helps call attention to the often overlooked warnings/error grid at the bottom of the screen.


Address Overlay
When searching for properties in Quick Search, Property Searches, and entering listings in Listing Input Maintenance, the address fields display field mask overlays indicating the information to input in those fields.


Agent Photo on Info Page
Agent photos uploaded via the Preferences menu will display with the agent’s information on the Agent information page when clicking the agent name in reports and listings. If no photo is available, the image will display the default image per the MLS. The Agent photo is also included in the Agent Maintenance screen for MLS Admins.


Collaboration Center Address Search

The location search control is updated. The “Radius” tab is relabeled to “Address”. The address field will now allow you to type in an address to search. Also, a zero has been added to the radius scale and is the default address value. Consumers can also conduct an address search or a radius search using the same control. 

Collaboration Center School and Neighborhood Charts Updated

Collaboration Center is upgraded to include new School and Neighborhood charts powered by Onboard.  Onboard widgets provide access to detailed information on properties and communities in the U.S.  Onboard widgets are 100% responsive and contain a wealth of information.










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