SafeMLS® Login FAQs
Posted by Gary Bild on 14 June 2013 05:10 PM
Things to know these are common things that will come up in your Logon experience.
The  system uses a user ID # and a  SafeMLS Password.
Your Typing Rate is measured as well to authenticate your logon. It will learn your typing characteristics as you go.
Flash is the only required software.

Here are their top five FAQ s Flash is required for authentication

Problem: The logon boxes are grayed out.
Solution: You need to install Flash use the link located on the logon page.

Problem: You have a scroll bar on the logon boxes.
Solution: Return your internet browser screen to 100% or zoom back out.

Problem: My user ID # will not save.
Solution: This is correct behavior it is part of the system, you must type in all the information each time.

Problem: When I use the backspace button it clears the entire line.
Solution:  This is correct behavior it is part of the system you must type in all the information each time.

Lock Out:
You will be locked out for a period of TWO minutes after FIVE failed attempts to log in.

You may not use any of your five previous passwords.
Passwords must contain both letters and  at least one number and be at least 8 characters long. (more specifics on passwords will be forth coming).
I forgot my Password: 
You will be prompted to answer your three secret Questions you fill out during your first time registration. They are case sensative.
your Birth City,  Birth Year, and your Mothers MIDDLE Name. it will then email a one time password to you, you will be prompted to create a new password upon logon.
I want to change my password:
This will prompt you to supply your User ID # and you current password. then you will be prompted to enter your new password Two times. 
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