Collaboration Center Price only shows High List Price?
Posted by Gary Bild on 01 September 2017 12:54 PM

Why  doesn't the Collab Center show the Variable pricing like in the MLS 

The Paragon Collaboration Center is a “national software product” and is set to display the (High List Price) as the List Price.  Value Range Pricing is very unique to the Real Estate industry and is primarily only used in California and parts of Australia.  The design and use of Value Range pricing has worked this way since it’s was introduced to the MLS in 1995/1996.

All IDX and Consumer Sites use the “high list price” when marketing the properties since their search logic is not designed to search based on the “range” of the price.  Listing agents who use value range pricing as a marketing technique can add the full range in the first line of their remarks, (“seller will entertain prices between $$$$ - $$$$”)   if they want to make sure that agents have the dialogue with their clients concerning the use of Value Range Pricing.


Sandicor has made an enhancement request to see if the display can be changed specifically for us but we currently don’t have an ETA on when or if this change can be done.


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