Syndication Opt in / out - Bridge Link
Posted by Gary Bild on 09 August 2017 01:16 PM

The Bridge link is for the Office Head Brokers only,  Association Assigned Permissions are required.

The Bridge link is to sign up for Sandicor Portal  Syndication    Ex Zillow / Trulia.


Here is Video link showing brokers how to.

Here is PDF of how to also _Broker_Syndication_Quick_Guide.pdf


Quick Start:

Log into and Click on the Bridge icon from your dashboard


You will be prompted to accept the Terms and EULA  agreement. (First time Log on)


Then your account summary will be displayed.  Here you can add/remove any Portals.

Each Portal will have their own Terms Conditions and EULA to Accept.


Make sure you get your confirmation before leaving the page.


For a detailed step by step guide, please copy the web URL  for the full guide into your web browser. 


Here is Video link showing brokers only.

Here is PDF of how to also _Broker_Syndication_Quick_Guide.pdf

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