CRS - What happened to Year Built? How did Realist have both?
Posted by Gary Bild on 13 July 2016 10:43 AM

What happened to Year Built?

The San Diego County Assessor has changed their Year Built to – EffYr.

It was felt that CRS Tax field for San Diego should mirror the field name that is used by the county records.  There is only one date in the “RAW” data that is received.

Effective Year:

San Diego County Assessor does not maintain both Year Built and Effective Year. They only keep one year that is either the Year Built or the year of Major Improvements.

CRS populated data in the field:  Effective Year Built

If you review a County Assessor Property Characteristic Profile Sheet,  you will see the term EffYr.


How did Realist have both?

No, not all properties in REALIST for San Diego County had both Year Built and Effective Year Built - 

The Realist Year Built was only on older properties that had been appraised by an appraisal company/software CoreLogic bought back in the 90s.  If a property had not been appraised when the software was being used then there would be no Year Built for that property record in Realist.

So again, the Effective Year Built is from the assessor data file that is either the year built or the year of MAJOR improvements.  

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