Hits - Hit-Counts What are they
Posted by Gary Bild on 13 June 2014 08:07 AM

Hit counts are the count of views of a listing they are seperated into tywo Catagories, Client and Agent. 


Agent Hit Count is triggered when someone within paragon views a detail report for the listing. It triggers only once per session so the same agent viewing the listing detail over and over in the same session does not trigger multiple increases. The agent must be of security level 3-6 so admins do not affect the count. The listing returning as part of search results and displaying on a spreadsheet or multi-up report does not trigger it unless the agent views a detail report of that listing.


Client Hit Count is triggered when a detail report for the listing is viewed through one of the client portals (IDX Smartframing, Publink email, or Client Connect). Client counts are limited to one per day per IP address.

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