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Sandicor only provides sysndication of the “data” to  List Hub.  

The broker of record has the option for his office to allow or not allow syndication Y/N.  

The agent provided the brokerages option is Yes, also has the option per listing for a Y/N to syndication.

List Hub has a Broker interfaces giving the Broker of record control over syndication details.


Q. How do I inform Sandicor that my seller has elected to exclude their property from the Internet?

If the seller has elected not to have their listing on the Internet, you should select the “No” in the “VOW” field during listing input. By checking “no”, the listing will be excluded from all Internet sites (including IDX sites), except the MLS system. In all other cases, you should select “Yes” in the “VOW” field during listing input. Further, the VOW field defaults to “yes” if you fail to change this field the listing will be automatically listed in all Internet sites, including IDX sites.


Q. My seller has chosen not to opt out of the Internet, and I answered “Yes” in the “VOW” field.

The MLS is now prompting me with additional fields. The first field prompt is “Internet Syndication”. What does that mean? Listings that are to be included in VOWs are also available for Internet syndication. Internet syndication includes the following sites: REALTOR.COM and Union Tribune. Answering “Yes” to “Internet Syndication” exposes the listing to ALL of the aforementioned sites.


Q. My seller desires that their property be disseminated through the Internet and I have answered the Internet Syndication prompt.

Now I’m being prompted to select “Full Address”, “Partial Address” and “No Address”. What do those fields mean? As noted above, a seller can elect whether to have their property’s address displayed on the Internet. “Full Address” means that the property address will appear where applicable on Internet syndication sites, VOW sites and IDX sites. “Partial Address” means only the street name, city, state, and zip code will appear, and “No Address” means only the city, state and zip code will appear.


Q. If my seller’s property is displayed on the Internet, will my seller have control over any of the Internet features associated with such display?

Yes. The revised RLA and SEL include optional paragraphs allowing the seller to choose among the following: (1) no property address on Internet displays; (2) no blogging or comment feature on Internet display of seller’s property; and (3) no automatic valuation feature on Internet display of seller’s property. The seller may make such election by completing the applicable information, signing the RLA or SEL and delivering such form to the listing broker. In addition, the seller may elect to opt out of having their property displayed on Internet syndication sites, as discussed in greater detail below.


Q. Can my seller pick and choose among Internet syndication sites they want their listing to appear on?

No. By answering “Yes” to Internet Syndication, the listing is disseminated to all of the Sandicor-approved syndication sites.



For more details visit our Rules websites page

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