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Posted by Gary Bild on 05 December 2017 05:14 PM

ShowingTime will be performing scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, February 27th, at 11PM Central for two hours. Please be aware that your InfoSparks and/or FastStats tool(s) will experience intermittent downtime during this period. 



ALERT: Fraudulent Phishing Emails Are Being Sent to CRMLS Users

CRMLS users have alerted us that they have received fraudulent emails from someone posing as a CRMLS Compliance officer. The emails are sophisticated phishing attempts and should not be opened.

Here is how to know if the notice is fraudulent:

  1. The violation or warning does not come from Any legitimate violation or warning would come from that address. If you receive a CRMLS violation or warning from any address other than compliance@crmls.orgit is fake.
  2. The violation or warning cites this Reference No: 3416610;124. Any legitimate violation or warning CRMLS sends you would be related to one of your listings.
  3. The violation or warning directs you to login to CRMLS. There is no link in a valid Violation Notice that requires a member to enter their log information.

Here is what to do if you receive one of these emails:

  1. Do not open the email. Review any violation/warning-related email subject line and sender address to determine its legitimacy.
  2. If the email is fraudulent, delete it.
  3. Under no circumstances should you enter any personal information into any site linked in a fraudulent email.Personal information includes your MLS login, credit card or bank information, or any other information you might want protected. CRMLS Violation Notices do not require that you login to CRMLS.
  4. If you opened the email and entered the login information on the website, you must change your password ASAP. Click here to change your password.

CRMLS is investigating the cause of these fraudulent emails, and is experiencing a heavy volume of calls and other communications on this issue. Please do not contact CRMLS Support or CRMLS Compliance on this issue unless absolutely necessary. If you have safely deleted the fake email, we recommend you stand by for possible further communication from CRMLS on this issue.

Thank you.


Routine Maintenance Notice: 

Reminder:  Routine maintenance occurs on Tuesday evenings, between 10 PM PDT until 6 AM PDT Wednesday.  

During this time frame, it is possible for Paragon and/or the Sandicor Corporate Homepage to be unavailable.



****SEEING ISSUES WITH PAGE UNAVAILABLE, this has been fixed. This started around 3:30 pm today. If you are still seeing it  please try logging out, try another web browser , or clearing your browser cache and logging back in, still see it after that call Sandicor Support ****updated 5:30 1/10/18 We close at 6pm and open at 8 am you can email

I would recommend you clear browsing history / Cache see URL below









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