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Welcome 2017
Posted by Gary Bild on 05 January 2017 02:08 PM

Routine Maintenance Notice:  
Reminder:  Routine maintenance occurs on Tuesday evenings, between 10 PM PDT until 6 AM PDT Wednesday.  During this time frame, it is possible for Paragon and/or the Sandicor Corporate Homepage to be unavailable.


  • Ability to add up to 3 specific properties to your list of comparables
  • Ability to drag and drop columns on the Search Results Custom List, Comparable Properties List and the Custom Comparable Results Custom List
  • Recent Sales Map Layer now has Last 36 months, 48 Months, and last 60 months.


    ***HomeSnap ENHANCEMENTS***

    • Additional Property Types Now Available:
      Lots and Land
      Mobile and Manufactured  



Sandicor and CRMLS Data Share Launch!

As of Tuesday, May 23, you can search for CRMLS (California Regional Multiple Listing Service) residential listings within our Paragon MLS system and CRMLS members can search for Sandicor residential listings within their Matrix MLS system! You’ll now be able to set up residential Paragon searches for your clients in the areas served by CRMLS. 

It is important to note that your residential listings will automatically be sent to CRMLS, however our listing format (fields and selections) will NOT be a complete match with their database! Sandicor has and will continue to add new fields and pick list values in our efforts to better match the CRMLS format.

For your convenience, here are links to the updated Residential Listing Input Form  and the NEW Fields and NEW Pick List Values. While programming work continues on adding other property types, the SmartLink into the CRMLS system will still be available for use.  


***Weekly Maintenance Notice*** 

Weekly maintenance occurs on Tuesday evenings, between 10 PM PDT until 6 AM PDT, Wednesday. 


Paragon v5.58 Release on May 3rd!!!

NEW CMA Presentation Set Up and CMA Preference Wizards.  

The default options from the CMA Presentation Setup has been added to the CMA Preferences Wizard.  Users will now have the ability to set the default options for the Comparable Report, CMA Summary, CMA Comparable Property Statistics and CMA Seller's Net Sheet.

Collab Center Updates:

  • Updates are now retained until new updates are available.  Prior to 5.58, when the client clicked on CC2 notification link they would be taken to CC2 site and would see the updates.  Instead of clearing the updates we will retain those updates until a new update is triggered. 
  • Code adjustments have been made to improve the speed of overall performance of the dashboard when switching filters.
  • Swiping on Photo within the CC2 Detail view has been fixed.
  • Loading Spinner added so user knows the system is working.

    Listing agents will have a product to give their sellers that will allow them to monitor their listing within the MLS.
  • Showing the number of emails, and searches their listing has appeared in.
  • How many have marked it as a favorite, possible, rejected or undecided.  
  • Real Estate Agent Views vs Prospective Buyer Views 

    • ALSO COMING - Collab Center Pro for AGENTS
      The new responsively designed web based solution includes the ability for Agents to have access to all of their Paragon contacts and their contacts' CC2 sites, including the ability to edit contact information.  Agents will be able to search listings as an agent and the ability to access and edit their Paragon searches on the go. Giving Paragon a better mobile experience on smart phones and tablets.

New Field Added:  Selling Agent 2/Selling Office 2 


Zillow Update

Sandicor is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached with the Zillow Group! The Zillow Group includes Trulia and other sites powered by Zillow such as Yahoo!

Sandicor will be maintaining a syndication system for use by Brokers when selecting Zillow as a syndication site for their listings. Per our agreement, Zillow will be pulling a fixed set of data fields directly from our Paragon system approximately every ten minutes, thereby providing consumers with new and updated listings soon after this information is entered by an agent! At this time, the syndication software vendor, Bridge Interactive, is in the process of configuring and setting up our syndication system. It is important to note that the existing agreements Sandicor has established with Brokers will be kept in place and there WILL NOT be an interruption in the distribution of their listings to Zillow.  For those Brokers (or franchisors) that provide their listings directly to Zillow, this DOES NOT affect you.

Please note our default syndication setting will be a fixed “off” status for those Brokers who have not opted-in their listings for Zillow, which means we will NOT automatically send their listings to Zillow.

Sandicor will provide Brokers with timely updates as Bridge Interactive works through their configuration process. 



Sandicor is currently involved in various litigation with its shareholders, and its Directors have been advised by counsel not to discuss their personal views of such cases publicly.

In addition, each member of Sandicor’s Board of Directors recognizes and understands that the MLS is the most important tool many of you use in your real estate business, and that any reduction in or interruption of MLS performance would be unacceptable.

The Directors of Sandicor are therefore unanimously committed to maintaining a consistently high level of service to all brokers and agents in San Diego County who use Sandicor’s MLS. The Board will continue to work diligently, to the best of our ability, to insure that the pending litigation will not cause any interruption of the MLS to its users.

Sandicor will continue to provide to you the high quality of MLS service you deserve.


Sandicor’s Board of Directors

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